How This Works

MailThis™ is a mail courier service designed for busy, on-the-go professionals. We physically mail (via USPS®) documents you upload to our portal. This saves you the hassle of buying envelopes, printers, ink, and postage stamps. Rather than mail your documents yourself, let us do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use this service?
Your time is valuable — don’t waste it driving around looking for stamps, envelopes, and printer ink. MailThis is for professionals who value efficiency.

What kinds of files can I upload?
Standard size PDFs only (for now) up to 20 pages in length.

What exactly will my letter look like?
Standard white envelope, single-side pages, tri-fold, full-color printing (the letter will look exactly like the PDF you upload). There are no markings or advertisements on the envelope, and only a tiny barcode on the bottom left corner of each page (for tracking purposes).

How quickly will my letter be sent?
We’ll send it within one business day via USPS First-Class Mail®.

Can I send internationally (non-US)?
You can only send to US destinations, but you can send from anywhere. If you don’t have a US return address, we’ll use our PO Box.

How do you keep my document & data secure?
All uploaded files are encrypted on disk on AWS, and all files are permanently deleted from our servers after 6 months.

Who is physically stuffing & mailing my letter?
Our website uses an API to connect with certified mail processing facilities around the United States. They process all MailThis orders with envelope-stuffing printers–no human interaction with your letter required!

Who runs this tool?
This tool was created by Nick Freiling and is owned by Haven Insights.


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